Fixed Fee Managed Divorce

Over 99% of divorces are undefended. In a managed undefended divorce, we will prepare all the papers for you, whether you are the Petitioner or the Respondent, and provide advice and guidance you through the legal process without the jargon.

With our managed divorce service our expert family lawyers and specialists will prepare all the necessary documents for an undefended divorce. They will provide specialist legal help and divorce advice throughout the entire process; dealing with your spouse or their solicitor and also the court.

More details and costs of our various services are shown below: 

Divorce Petitioner Service

Our divorce petitioner service is designed to take you through the usual steps in the process to bring your marriage to a legal end. Under this service you will be the person that applies for the divorce, known as the petitioner. Alternatively for Divorce Respondent services, please click here.

This service only covers divorces where the other person, known as the respondent, does not ‘defend’ the divorce. Over 99% of divorces are undefended. 

The service covers us undertaking for you the steps necessary to  progress a divorce where there are no complicating issues, including a specialist advising you about divorce in plain English and preparation of all of  the necessary paperwork. We will correspond with the court and the respondent about the divorce on your behalf.

If your case does include complicating issues though, such as a disagreement with the respondent about what to base the divorce on, don’t worry, our divorce petitioner plus service covers such issues.

You should always choose our  ‘plus’ service level, if you feel you may need a high level of contact with or support from your lawyer as your proceedings progress or if you need assistance with issues which are not covered by our divorce petitioner service, but which are not serious enough for you to need extensive negotiations. You can start with the divorce petitioner service if you do not think there will be issues, but then, if and when issues arise, you can upgrade to the plus service by just paying the difference in price.

What does it cost?

As part of our fixed fee pricing policy, the cost of our Divorce Petitioner Service and Divorce Petitioner Plus Service is outlined below: 

Divorce Petitioner

  Our Charges  Add VAT   Individual Total
What you pay us   £500.00  £100.00  £600.00

Divorce Petitioner Plus

  Our Charges  Add VAT   Individual Total
What you pay us  £750.00  £150.00  £900.00

What court fees must I pay?

As well as our costs, you will have to pay the court fees for a divorce. These fees are currently £410. They will need to be paid by you and are separate to our costs (as shown on the tables above). Please also be aware that these court fees may be increased by the court from time to time.

If you are on a low income or in receipt of state benefits, you may not have to pay court fees.  Please ask us for more details.


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