The Co-operative Legal Services operate a professional telephone and postal-based service that you’ll find both easily accessible and exceptionally convenient.

We operate on a fixed-fee basis. So once you’ve spoken to our Will Writing team, you’ll be quoted a set amount for the work required to make sure your needs are taken care of.

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Our prices include storage costs, meaning we’ll keep your will safe until such a time that it is needed. You can also contact the Will Writing team as many times as you need throughout the process at no extra cost.

Wills start from £125.00. Co-operative members will also receive 1 membership point for every £2 spent*.

*Membership points are allocated following full payment of your Will. For Mirror Wills, Membership points will be allocated to one individual member only.

The case studies below will help you understand how our prices may apply to you.

Carol and Alan, married 40 years with two married children

  • Her mother’s home was sold to cover care costs.
  • Their mortgage is paid off so they want a Will that protects their home for their children’s future.

    Approximate cost: £420.00

Lisa and Adam, married with two young children

seo requirement
  • Just having had their second baby, they want a Will to make sure their children are looked after should anything happen to them.
  • Their Wills named Guardians and Trustees for their children.

    Approximate cost: £195.00

Doreen, has a son who lives with her and has learning difficulties

seo requirement
  • Daniel, her son, can look after himself but can’t manage his finances.
  • We wrote Doreen a Will that would provide for Daniel and help him manage his inheritance when Doreen is no longer here.
    Approximate cost: £315.00

Our Professional Executor Service

By using our Professional Executorship Service, you can be sure that legal professionals will take full responsibility for dealing with your affairs when you’re gone.  All legal, tax and administrative duties will be taken care of, as well as the sale of any property you have in your estate.

When you pass away, one of our representatives will visit your loved ones and explain our service in full, offering advice and support when it matters most. They’ll also provide an up-front fixed fee for dealing with all your affairs, so your relatives will be assured that costs will not increase month on month.

When you write your Will with The Co-operative Legal Services, you’re under no obligation to use our Professional Executor Service; and if you include us as your Executors now, but wish to remove us from your Will at a later date, we’ll make that change totally free of charge.  Equally, if you’ve already written your Will with us and decide that you’d like to add us at a later date, we’ll also make that change without charge.

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