When is Probate required? 

Probate is required in the following situations:

  • When property is held in the sole name of the deceased or as tenants in common
  • When the deceased held assets typically worth £5,000* or more with financial institutions
  • When the financial institutions holding assets in the sole name of the deceased require a Grant of Probate for the funds to be released*
  • When the deceased benefited from a trust during their lifetime 

To help identify whether Probate may be required we have developed a few simple questions for you to answer which will help determine if Probate is required. Please click on the 'Is Probate required' link below to find out more.

*Banks and other financial institutions may use a higher threshold than £5,000 before they require evidence of the Grant of Probate to release the funds, so it is worth checking with these organisations exactly what they require.

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